Welcome to Capcore

We are a business and management consultancy focused entirely on the financial industry, more specifically on trading and capital markets. We are convinced that we have the expertise and tools that our customers need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing climate.

The financial industry has been undergoing tremendous changes since the global financial crisis began in 2008. Business models that worked a few years ago now have to change and adapt to this new climate, where risk aversion and compliance with the new financial regulations are key. This essential business transformation is a tough challenge for many financial institutions. Operating business models have generally been stable for many years and, as a result, the supporting infrastructure was developed without any flexibility or scope for future changes. At Capcore, we offer consultancy services that help our customers to address this type of challenge. We are a management consultancy with a focus on business development, from minor improvements in the daily operation to business (re-)design and business architecture.

All of our consultants have extensive experience of the financial industry. And we know how to maximise information technology to increase business. With this combination of expertise, our role often involves helping to bridge the gap between business and IT.

Working closely with our customers, we analyse, design, transform and enhance their business and their IT. We help them become more agile and innovative; comply with the financial regulations; become more value-driven; and be competitive using their core capabilities, while retaining the maximum operational efficiency. We provide our customers with best practice methods and models that are specifically designed for the financial industry – elements that really do make a difference.


Framework agreement with Länsförsäkringar

We are happy to announce that Länsförsäkringar and Capcore recently signed a framework agreement for management. business and IT consulting.

FX Buyside Webinar

Welcome to a free webinar about leveraging the benefits of electronic FX service in the Nordics.

Framework agreement with Sparbankernas Riksförbund

We are happy to announce that Sparbankernas Riksförbund and Capcore recently signed a framework agreement for management and business consulting

Why Now?

Why would anyone start a management consultancy that focuses solely on the financial industry, in the middle of a severe financial crisis that is threatening the very existence of so many financial businesses?

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