Financial Regulations

Regulatory pressure has never been more intense. Take CRD IV, EMIR and MiFID for example.BridgeStormy250
They will soon be cooperating to not only implement regulations, but also to aim for business change.

Our goal is to assist and enable our customers to efficiently:

    • understand if and how they will be affected;
    • understand how it will affect their business models;
    • analyze the various options in order to mitigate risk or seize business opportunities;
    • schedule and plan changes, including IT-changes and business adoption;
    • implement the necessary changes in suitable blocks and with focus on actual deliverables; and
    • review the results to ensure that the desired effect has been achieved.

We are able to provide our customers with an in-depth understanding of financial regulations, relevant subject matter expertise and experienced-based understanding of critical IT elements. A combined skill set that in itself is highly beneficial. But what we are also able to provide is a thorough understanding of how the business models will be impacted or need to be revised. The final, yet essential, piece of the puzzle.



Financial Regulations Tend to Interact

When proposing new regulations and directives, the Regulators always have clear objectives and goals that they are trying to achieve. Now this might seem like a rather obvious statement, but it can actually be quite a useful fact to remember when trying to navigate through the regulatory jungle. If overlooked, and you put too much focus on one regulation at a time, then there is a very high risk that you will end up with suboptimal solutions.

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EMIR - Does it affect you?

The different elements of EMIR affect the various types of counterparty in derivative trading differently, and will come into effect at different times.
Please find below a summary of how the key EMIR requirements will affect the various counterparty types.

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Capcore approach on EMIR

Having experts that specialize in OTC derivatives reform, and who have been helping the market to prepare and adapt to them since the end of 2010, enables us to a deliver concise analysis of your current situation – quickly and efficiently – and provide a compliance heat map that highlights the key actions necessary for EMIR compliance confidence. We also understand that simply focusing on strict adherence – with the sole aim of achieving compliance – may result in lost business or falling behind your competitors with a business transformation trend.

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