Capcore approach on EMIR

Having experts that specialize in OTC derivatives reform, and who have been helping the market to prepare and adapt to them since the end of 2010, enables us to a deliver concise analysis of your current situation – quickly and efficiently – and provide a compliance heat map that highlights the key actions necessary for EMIR compliance confidence. We also understand that simply focusing on strict adherence – with the sole aim of achieving compliance – may result in lost business or falling behind your competitors with a business transformation trend.

Relevance analysis and heat map:

  1. Interviews with key individuals:
    • Business, Trading and Treasury
    • Compliance, Legal and Risk
    • Operations, Collateral
    • IT

  2. Collect relevant info, for example:
    • Instrument scope
    • Type of customers and counterparts
    • Commercial hedge volumes
    • IT-support systems
  3. Workshops for the transfer of knowledge about, and insight into, your organization and, as a result, validating our findings.

  4. Final report wich identifies the key actions necessary in order to achieve compliance confidence with regards to EMIR regulation and market-driven requirements.


Implementation support:

At Capcore we take pride in the implementation of our proposed advice and "next steps".

After initial analysis of the specific requirements that apply to you, we will then prepare, prioritise and implement all necessary business adoption and IT-changes. 

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