Why Now?

Why would anyone start a management consultancy that focuses solely on the financial industry, in the middle of a severe financial crisis that is threatening the very existence of so many financial businesses?

Because we believe that we have exactly the right expertise and tools that these threatened companies need to be able to reform themselves and remain competitive in this rapidly changing climate.

Capcore was established after serious analysis of our years of consulting in the financial industry. Taking the customer’s perspective, we examined the characteristics of our most successful assignments and managed to isolate the consultancy aspects. We discovered that consultants are generally of the greatest value to their clients when they manage to combine four core aspects:  

  • Experience and professional qualification for the type of assignment.
  • In-depth subject matter expertise in the business area.
  • Solid understanding of how IT can support the business, and insight into which areas are difficult, critical, or time consuming and therefore require extra attention during change projects.
  • Skills in understanding and implementing best practice methods, tools and models, while retaining an open attitude towards methodology.

We believe that by combining these four aspects, we can provide our clients with outstanding quality and maximum efficiency, with a particular emphasis on business adoption and benefits.

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