Our Core

We provide business development consultancy services to financial organisations, primarily those operating in trading and capital markets. This requires a fundamental understanding of the way organisations currently operate and how they need to evolve in order to remain competitive.

Our assignments involve business design, business transformation, the introduction of new information technology and the streamlining of existing IT, with the goal of achieving specific business objectives. In order to be successful in our work, not only must we have a broad-ranging, in-depth knowledge of business, IT solutions and the financial industry, but we must also approach each project from a business perspective; from initial analyses, through implementation and launch, to follow-ups. This is where we differ from standard management and IT consultants.

We help bridge the gap between business and IT, and between business strategy and implementation.

Types of client we assist:             Some of the areas we assist:
    • Banks
    • Securities brokerage companies
    • Asset management companies
    • Insurance companies
    • Shared services providers
    • Government authorities
    • Corporate treasuries


    • Front office
    • Regulatory management
    • Integrated risk management
    • Middle and back office
    • Financial accounting
    • Treasury management
    • Master data management

We have extensive knowledge of best practice methods and models – for business design, business operations and implementation projects – which we recommend and strive to use whenever possible, but we are not devout methodologists.

 Our Consultants

Our Sweet Spot

All our consultants have extensive experience of capital markets, having worked as either consultants or employees in specialist or management roles, which has given them a deep understanding of our clients’ domains. Furthermore, their professional experience has provided them with the ideal qualifications to act as subject matter experts for a number of different projects.

Our consultants are highly experienced in managing change and implementing mission critical IT systems for banks and other financial organisations. They have been involved in all phases of a project, from early analysis to full operational launch and follow-ups. The knowledge they have accumulated over the years is extremely valuable to our clients, as it is the key to knowing what to focus on.

Being highly skilled professional consultants, with subject matter expertise in business areas and/or IT, combined with a thorough understanding of the various methods and models is what makes our consultants stand out from the crowd.



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